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Are you Experiencing Challenges Getting Out and About?

Transportation Services 


For seniors and people with disabilities, driving is one of those tasks that often becomes a challenge. Getting out and about in Lucan can be difficult, as we do not have public transportation services like a bus or taxi service. Unfortunately, our town does not have the food delivery service like in larger cities such as Uber or Instacart. Now that the new shopping centre is outside of the downtown core, some Lucan residents are finding it difficult getting to the new Foodland, especially for the residents in the apartments on Beech Street, Frank Street, or Lucan Woods as well as Jake’s House. Serenity at Home can provide grocery pick up and drop off or take you or your loved one to the stores safely and provide the independence you are accustomed to.

Need help getting to your appointments in Lucan, London, Strathroy or other areas outside of Lucan? We can provide staff to safely drive and stay with you during the appointment or provide pick up and drop off service. Were you prescribed a medication to help you heal or feel better but must wait for the prescription to be ready. Rest assured that Serenity at Home can help.


Serenity at Home can help you stay active and mobile by providing transportation services for:


  • Medical Appointments

  • Visiting Family and Friends

  • Personal Errands

  • Travel Departures and Pick Ups

  • Recreational Outings

  • Prescription pick up


Along with transportation services, we can provide meal preparation once you have your groceries and shopping necessities.

Meal Preparation


Serenity at Home can assist you with meal planning and meal preparation. Helping you to keep your cupboards stocked and eating regular meals of the foods you love. Allowing you to maintain a healthy, independent, active lifestyle. Serenity at Home can also help you hold those big family dinners like you used to. Do you have special family traditions or baking recipes that you would like to share with your family? Let us do all the work while you enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones.


All of Serenity at Home's staff have their safe food handling certificate and a passion for cooking.


Our staff will:


  • Prepare a Weekly Grocery Shopping List

  • Shop with You or provide the transportation for You to Purchase Items ($35.00 Hourly if staff vehicle used)

  • Prepare Your Meals and Clean Up Afterwards

  • Prepare a family meal weekly or larger event like Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.



*This year Thanksgiving is October 14, 2024. Why do we have a turkey and special feast? Go to: Facts about Thanksgiving Dinner 




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