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Clean and safe house

Serenity at Home Support Services Inc. was established by a  mother and daughter team who are professional, compassionate and dedicated to supporting you in the home you love, so you can be with the ones you love.

Serenity at Home provides these unique services in the comforts of your own home:

  • Personal Care

  • Companion Care                                 

  • In House Fitness Classes 

  • Cleaning Services                                    

  • Laundry Services                                     

  • Shopping Services                                     

  • Slips and Falls Prevention Information        

  • Special Occasion Decorating

  • Lawn Cutting Services

  • Organizing Services

  • Pet Care Services

  • Meal Preparation

  • Transportation Services

  • Event Planning

The Coronavirus crisis has created many obstacles and challenges for those requiring care and for those providing care services in your community. This is a time when staying at home and practicing social distancing is vital in turning this pandemic around. We are all working extremely hard to keep those requiring care services, feeling safe, reassured, engaged, active and cared for. Serenity at Home is taking these steps to keep clients and staff safe during this difficult time.


  • One-to-one relationships are important right now. Our caregivers are trained in infection control and senior care, and work in a one-on-one relationship with seniors, reducing the risk of community-wide exposure to COVID-19.

  • Seniors are safest at home, away from the risk of infection. Serenity at Home’s is focused on care and support services are geared on keeping seniors in their home, where they are comfortable, safe, and protected. Per visit client and staff screening, required personal protective equipment, staff training, safe work practices.

  • Our attendant care services include, prescriptions pick-ups, grocery shopping and we can also provide transportation to and from medical appointments.

  • Our staff can assist clients with online orders for supplies, meals, and other necessities. Including personal shopping and gift shopping.

  • Our caregivers can assist with housekeeping services. Surfaces will be disinfected to keep seniors clean.  Meal prep services can ensure they are well nourished and enjoying the foods they have always found comfort in.

  • Serenity at Home is all about supporting our clients, caregivers, and their families. During this time of social distancing, so many may be feeling socially and physically isolated. Our dedicated staff can help keep you or a loved one active, optimistic, and socially engaged during this time. A friendly face and a smile can offer much comfort.

  • At Serenity at Home we understand that family is essential. When a senior is in our care, so is their entire family. We can offer resources to address questions, concerns, and check on loved ones.

  • Whenever possible and safe, our caregivers are encouraged to help clients maintain as much independence as possible. Participating in daily activities helps clients stay active, engaged, and maintain their independence.

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Serenity at Home Support Services Inc. Current Happenings and Events
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Attention Veterans and Veteran Care



Serenity at Home is very happy to be offering a 10% discount on services to all registered veterans as of January 1st, 2019, along with their HST exemption. We offer an extensive range of services that may benefit several of your clients. We are hoping this will provide a greater opportunity in getting the care and support they need and deserve.


In 2012, I had my first opportunity to work with several Veteran's as a companion care provider, in the Perth ward at Parkwood Hospital London Ontario. I found it to be the most rewarding experience of my career. It really made me want to give something back to help these amazing individuals who gave so much of themselves in every way.  Now that I am a business owner, I can finally start paying it forward.  I know this discount is not a huge one, but as we grow, we hope to do better.


If you have any questions or require more information, please call. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you have a very happy holiday season.

Caregiver of the month award from Hasket Funeral Homes in Lucan On.

I would like to say a very big thank you to Hasket Funeral Homes, in Lucan, Biddulph for this incredible award. I am so grateful and honoured  to know that the work I do is making a difference. Lucan is a very caring community and with so many long term residents, everyone is like family. When one hurts we all hurt. Supporting this community is not just a career for me, it is a pleasure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Spring Clean Service $50.00 Hourly + $25.00 CLEANING PRODUCTS + HST


Service Provides: 2 Serenity at Home Staff

  • Indoor Spring Clean: Window cleaning inside and (out if windows tilt in), window dressing cleaning and ironing (curtains, blinds, sheers), door and trim washing, kitchen cupboard and back splash cleaning, wall wipe down, and clean light fixtures/ceiling fans


  • Outdoor Spring Clean: Sweep up walkways and lane way, cut lawn, pick up any clippings/debris, weed gardens, power wash decks/patios/lawn furniture, and pick up pet waste.

Serenity at Home Support Services  is now offering GIFT "CERTIFICARES"

What a perfect gift for someone you care about. The gift of relaxation. 

Coming home to a clean house and dinner cooked can be a very thoughtful gift for that special someone you think could use a little pampering. Or let them choose which services they prefer. All gift certificares are for a minimum of three hours of services.

Better Care Starts with You!


Terri and Bob Barr, Lucan On. 2021

"We hired Lisa in the fall of 2020, when my mother-in-law's arthritis started to cripple her. As her health issues took more and more of her mobility, Lisa filled the care void my husband and I could not; from personal care including showers and haircuts, meal preparation, home keeping and friendship.  Lisa, always with a smile on her face, did everything my mother-in-law required and more. My mother-in-law told me how well Lisa looked after her, often saying she had "never been so pampered". Lisa also suggested practical care solutions for my husband and I to help my mother-in-law with. Due to Lisa's exceptional care, my mother-in-law was able to stay in her own home an additional 8 months and that was her greatest wish. We couldn't have honored that wish without Lisa."

Phyllis Oniel, Lucan On. 2021

"We were pleased to have Lisa as our PSW for several months for Don. She brought care, compassion and energy as well as advice & encouragement for the rest of us. 
She is a person very dedicated to helping others. 
Thank you Lisa!"

Lynn Carrothers, Dorchester Ontario 2017 "I'm taking the time to write a testimonial for Serenity at Home. I'm currently purchasing services for Fitness and Meal Preparation. I would certainly purchase services in transportation, home care, detailed cleaning, seasonal decorating, laundry and organizing when needed. I have found that the Fitness in home program has actually made a difference in my physical abilities toward independence. I have made physical gains in all areas of my personal care. The meal preparation has allowed my husband some relief from some of his responsibilities. We are eating healthy, home cooked meals that we enjoy without the stress of preparing the food. All in all I can't say enough about the services provided by Serenity at Home. They are client focused and provide services that allow people to stay in their homes. They always put effort into each visit and are able to assess and plan for continuing care. They are definitely filling a void within community care.
I will continue using the services and expanding as I require more care. Thank you again to all of the staff at Serenity at Home and Lisa for your care and compassion."



Randa Huckle, Exeter On. 2017: I have always worked full time and for the past few years I have also been supporting my brother after his stroke. I love my brother and I am happy to be there for him, but between work, the house, and supporting my brother, I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Then I contacted Serenity at Home Support Services in April 2016 and I am so happy I did. They keep my house looking amazing, and Lisa even convinced my brother to go to his weekly rehabilitation group, after refusing for so long. Thank you Lisa for always caring and for all the amazing work you do for us. I really am feeling Serenity at Home.


Marsha Silverthorn St.Thomas On. 2016 “I really can’t thank Sarah enough for all she has done for me and my children. I was pregnant with my daughter and my son was only a year old, when my husband passed away at the very young age of 33. It was a very difficult time for us, and I was struggling to pick up the pieces, until Sarah came along. She became a caretaker to all of us and ensured we were eating well, my home was taken care of, and my son and daughter had someone there for them, when I just couldn’t be there myself.  My children and I are still very close with Sarah, and we just can’t imagine our lives without her in it.

Susan Little, Bowmanville On. 2014– “If not for Lisa, Dad would have lost his puppy long before he passed. Shadow was his best friend, especially when Dad went into a care facility. She was so wonderful to my dad and his dog. Ensuring Dad was cared for, comfortable and happy. Lisa also made sure that his dog was fed, had water and was walked every day. When my dad passed, Lisa adopted his dog shadow and has given him a loving home to live at happily.” Thank you Lisa for caring so much about my dad and his little buddy, we will never forget it, and be forever grateful.”

Winnie Blane, Lucan On. 2015 –“Both mom and I loved Lisa’s infectious laugh. We go way back to the beginning of the retirement home. Lisa was mom’s first personal care provider and her caring approach led us to hire her for an independent companion care position with mom. Lisa’s approach with the residents as a whole earned her the position of activities manager for the home, which she excelled at. Lisa’s work with seniors no matter what it was doing, was a professional, vibrant, caring approach. She was one of the pioneer staff at the home and will be greatly missed by all.”

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