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Registered with Home and Community Care Support Services

When you contact Home and Community Care Support Services they will guide you and your family to services, support, and guidance to:

  • §  Remain safely at home with the support of trained PSW and care professionals.

  • §  Return home from hospital and recover at home.

  • §  Find community services that support healthy, independent living.

Once you are set up with them, we will assess care needs and deliver in-home and community-based services to support your health and well-being. We also provide access and referrals to other community services should your needs exceed our ability to meet them.

How can we help you?

My dad is being discharged from the hospital. What kind of help can he expect?


When it comes time for your loved one to return home from the hospital, they may require home support services. Let Serenity at Home provide the support needed for a successful recovery.

What services does Serenity at Home offer?


Once you have been assessed, we will provide services to anyone wanting or needing them, within their budget, for in-home services, our care coordinator will work with you to create an individualized care plan would best support the health and well-being of you and your loved one – at home or in the community. Visit our Home Care Services page to learn how Serenity at Home Support Services can help you. We provide:

·         Personal Care

·         Companion Care

·         In House Fitness

·         Cleaning Services

·         Laundry Services

·         Shopping Services

·         Slips and Falls Prevention Information

·         Special Occasion Decorating

·         Lawn Cutting Services

·         Organizing Services

·         Pet Care Services

·         Meal Preparation

·         Transportation Services

·         Event Planning


I’m looking for housekeeping services for my elderly mom. Can you help?

Yes, Serenity at Home Support Services provides daily, weekly, monthly, or periodical housecleaning services. Regular cleaning is the best way to minimize dust and other irritating allergens from your home. Sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming helps eliminate dust, dust mites, pet dander, and dozens of other allergens that can cause cold and flu-like symptoms. People who suffer with allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems can relieve their symptoms and breathe easier by keeping their house clean. Another benefit to a clean house is that you can enjoy relaxing in a clean, fresh smelling living space.

Every time you clean the house with disinfectants, you are killing bacteria and viruses that can compromise your health.

Keeping your house clean and organized can reduce the chance of injury by minimizing clutter and keeping things out of harm's way.

In addition to our role and responsibilities to provide home care services, we also provide companion care and active listening. We can sit and chat, or read a book, newspaper, play cards, and go for walks as the client’s ability supports.

Many people are not aware of the options available to them when their health care needs or circumstances change, and it becomes difficult to manage on their own. Serenity at Home Support Services understands the importance of helping clients, their families, and caregivers in every community across Middlesex County to overcome such challenges and maintain independent living.  

If you require health care or personal support in your home, whether you need assistance getting back on track after a hospital stay, illness or injury, or if you have complex or chronic health conditions, we can get you the care you need, when you need it. Our care coordinators work with you to determine the right care and health supports, develop an individualized plan for care based on your needs and goals of care and help make a meaningful difference to your well-being.   

Together, we determine what type and level of service(s) are appropriate to meet your needs. Our team of dedicated staff and PSW’s help people heal at home and live in their homes longer.


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