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Attendant/Client Care Services

$39.00 Hourly + 13% HST (Which bundles most services)


Attendant Care Services available 24/7

At Serenity at Home our work ethic and experience allow us to offer the highest standard of care. We understand the importance of dignity and respect when providing attendant care services. Personal care is never rushed. Ensuring each client is comfortable, safe, and looks and feels their very best. Our trained staff understand that your needs may change daily or per visit, our attendant care services are flexible and can be changed or modified to ensure your needs for that particular day/visit are being met. Have the confidence in knowing we are there for you. When you book attendant care it bundles many of our services.

Our staff will assist with;

  • Showering or bathing

  • Toileting

  • Oral care

  • Hair care

  • Dressing/undressing

  • Shaving

  • Meal preparation

  • Medication reminders

  • Activities of daily living

Companion Care 

Our caring approach and experience allow us to offer very beneficial and unique companion care services for yourself or your loved one. We take heed of your individual needs, wants and interests and create activities or outings based on those needs. Activity assessments are used to aid both parties in finding recreational outlets of choice, and are reviewed  annually or upon request. Here is a list of some requested favorite activities;


  • Spa Days – Facials, manicures, pedicures

  • Wellness Walks – Will go for community walks, nature walks, or therapeutic walks. Mobility devices are no problem (Wheelchairs, walkers, canes)

  • Crafts – Crafting is a great creative outlet. Crafts offered are woodworking crafts, jewelry making, picture framing, stone art, sewing crafts, and décor crafts

  • Games – Playing games helps maintain cognitive thinking and is a great social outlet

  • Scenic Drives – A nice, relaxing scenic drive can be very enjoyable, especially for those with limited mobility. 

  • Book Club – Will read novels with clients or for clients who enjoy a great book.


Respite Services  
Do you feel your loved one could benefit from spending quality time with one of our caregivers? Our highly trained staff of Nurses, Personal Support Workers, Child and Youth Workers as well as Developmental Service Workers, can provide the care you need with the skill to ensure your loved one is cared for, engaged, having fun, and safe. 
  • Before and After School Support - Our staff can do wake ups, assist with personal care, prepare breakfast and lunches, and transport your child to and from school safely.
  • Friendly Visits - These visits give Individuals the opportunity to engage in activities that are designed to suit their individual interests, and needs. 
  • Respite Care - Serenity at Home staff are there to provide support to individuals and their care givers. Being a care giver can sometimes be overwhelming and challenging at times, especially if you are supporting someone with special needs. Our services are designed to assist families through their care giver journey by providing care for their loved one and encouraging them to  participate in physical and mental activities within the home and in the community, allowing care givers to get some much needed rest and quality time to themselves with no worries. 
  • 24 Hour coverage available if you would like or need to get away for more than just a few hours.
In House Fitness Classes 

Lisa Plant is a senior fitness instructor and is able to create an exercise schedule for client’s that will help maintain mobility levels. Being physically active can also help you stay strong and fit enough to keep doing the things you like to do as you get older. You can even invite up to 4 friends and make it a fun group exercise.


  • Chair Yoga – Focuses on stretching, strength and balance. Exercises are done in a seated position. The balance portion is done standing, holding onto a chair or walker (if used).
  • Strength Training – Is done using balls and weights in a seated position. These exercises focus on keeping muscles strong and able to handle activities of daily living.
  • Fitness Training – This is a cardio focused exercise program. The goal is to maintain a healthy strong heart with regular activity. Something as simple as a brisk, 30-minute walk each day can help you to reduce your risk of heart disease.
Transportation Services 

For seniors, driving is one of those tasks that will often become more difficult in our elder years.  This can be due to vision or hearing impairments, mobility issues, or a decline in cognitive function.  For many elders, driving is no longer possible or even desirable.


Serenity at Home can help you stay active and mobile by providing transportation services for;


  • Medical Appointments

  • Visiting Family and Friends

  • Personal Errands

  • Travel Departures and Pick Ups

  • Recreational Outings


Slips and Falls Prevention Information

Most falls occur as a result of compounding factors that may impair an older persons ability to maintain or regain his or her balance. Each person may face a unique combination of risk factors based on life circumstances, your health, medication, behaviour, economic situation, social supports and the environment. Understanding what puts a person at risk of falling is a critical step in reducing falls and fall-related injuries among older adults.


Serenity at Home will provide you with helpful information to aid you in reducing your risk of falls by providing;


  • Information about Risk Factors

  • Recommended Home Safety Checklists

  • Connect you with a Service Provider to Have Devices Inspected to Ensure they are Working Properly and Safely.


Meal Preparation

Serenity at Home can assist you with meal planning and meal preparation. Helping you to keep your cupboards stocked and eating regular meals of the foods you love. Allowing you to maintain a healthy, independent, active life style. Serenity at Home can also help you hold those big family dinners like you used to. Let us do all the work while you enjoy spending some quality time with your loved ones.


All of Serenity at Home's staff have their safe food handling certificate.


Our staff will;


  • Prepare a Weekly Grocery Shopping List

  • Shop with You or for You to Purchase Items ($35.00 Hourly if staff vehicle used)

  • Prepare Your Meals and Clean Up Afterwards



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