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What you should know about Serenity At Home Support Services Inc.

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Supporting you in the home you love, so you can be with the ones you love.

We are located in Lucan, Ontario, and provide home support services to Lucan and surrounding areas. We truly believe that united we will stand, meaning that all staff have input and contribute to the care plan for the client. At Serenity At Home we understand that building relationships with your care providers is equally as important as the care you are receiving, consistent staff have knowledge of what client needs are and can identify any changes in clients health.

What we offer:

- Immediate openings

- Third party billing availible

- Emergency care (After hours, same day services)

- HST Exemption (If registered with LHIN (CCAC), or Veterans Affairs)

- Free consultations

Call or email to arrange your consultation: (519) 318 - 5147,

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