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Flu season is here. Are you ready?

With the holiday season comes cold and flu season. Contagious germs and viruses are easily spread during the cold season through coughing, sneezing and coming into contact with infected objects and surfaces. Serenity at Home Support Services is here to help you reduce your risk of cold and flu.

When you receive cleaning services from Serenity at Home Support Services, we take care of making your home "Germ" free during the cold and flu season. We pay attention to the small details that often go over looked, such as disinfecting light switches, floor boards, doorknobs and handles. Our staff will disinfect and clean all main rooms in the home bathrooms, living room, kitchen ect.

Our staff can also help maintain a healthy diet to keep your immune system working its best to fight off sickness. We'll take care of the grocery shopping and meal preparation of any meals and/or snacks. Staff always clean up your kitchen area and dishes before leaving so you can enjoy home cook meals without the stress and mess.

We also provide transportation services for medical appointments, to get your flu shot, dental appointments, and personal errands or outings. Let our staff make sure you get to where you are going, safely and on time.

Here are some other things you or our staff can do to reduce your risk for cold and flu:

  • changing and washing hand towels

  • refilling disinfectants and hand soaps

  • keep Lysol wipes in your vehicle to disinfect stirring wheel and handles

  • cough and sneeze into your elbow or shirt to help stop the spread of germs

  • disinfect telephones and television remotes often

  • wash your hands throughout the day with warm water and soap

  • disinfect stair railings and grab bars in the home

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