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Do you know about Direct Funding Ontario?

Updated: Mar 30

Direct Funding Ontario is for individuals with permanent physical disabilities, so they may take control of their care services in their own homes. With direct funding you manage your own government funding and attendant caregivers. You become your own employer and self manage the hiring, scheduling, training and pay roll of the attendant workers of your choice.

How to Apply for Direct Funding Ontario

To apply for Direct Funding Ontario you must fill out the application and become your own employer. A HST number and bookkeeper for managing finances, payroll and WSIB are needed. The funding provided from the government will also cover bookkeeper fees. Once you apply you will then have an in-person interview to discuss your needs, responsibilities as an employer and your budget. You can also go to your local Independent Living Resource Centre (ILRC) to help with the application process and preparing for the interview, or you can also call Serenity at Home.

How can Serenity at Home help you with Direct Funding Ontario

Our team at Serenity at Home Support Services believe that everyone should be a part of the decision making process when it comes to choosing a care provider. If you choose to use Serenity at Home Support Services as a provider we will assist you through the process of completing your application, meeting the requirements and provide ongoing care services if approved. If possible, we will:

  • help you register for a HST number

  • help you find a bookkeeper who will manage payroll totals and deductions, calculate your HST and WSIB premium and make you annual T4s

  • help you maintain financial records

  • assist you to meet ministry standards if possible

  • provide reliable and trained staff to provide ongoing support and care if approved

If you are interesting in pursuing the Direct Fund program, please contact Pamela at Direct Fund Ontario 519-660-4667 or by email at If outside of London, ON please call 1-877-626-6660.

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